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Solar Energy Solutions for a Sustainable World

Your municipality and its citizens, employees, and environment can benefit from a solar project generating clean electricity at a water or wastewater treatment plant, a brownfield or landfill surface, or on other publicly owned land which is ripe for repurposed use.  PE/Q Energy will guide you and your constituents through the process of building a local and predictably priced power source using solar energy, often priced substantially lower than other power sources.  We will manage all elements of solar development, including financing, design, installation, and operation of the facility, so you can concentrate on serving your local citizens.  We will work with experienced local contractors to install the solar solution which achieves your community's economic and environmental goals.

Third-party Financing - Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
Government participation in the purchase of solar energy systems is disadvantaged by the inability for governmental organizations to benefit from available tax incentives. PE/Q Energy will work closely with our third-party financing partners to develop PPA options backed by tax-equity investors which will allow your organization to take advantage of the immediate cost savings that result from integrating solar into your facilities with little or no money down.

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