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Solar Energy Solutions for a Sustainable World

Our Commitment

PE/Q Energy is passionate about solar energy. It is the only thing we do. We believe in the significant value - environmental and economic - created for all by integrating this long-lasting, clean, renewable form of energy into our overall energy portfolio.

Our passion motivates us to work tirelessly to deliver the highest quality product. We select solutions based on project-specific needs and challenges. PE/Q is not bound by restrictive equipment supply agreements, so we are able to select the very best technology for the job. When equivalent technologies are available, we will strive to select equipment that will provide the best value to you, and will pass along savings whenever possible.

PE/Q pays close attention to every step of the process—analyzing and designing the optimal solution for your site, engineering and installing your system, and providing long-term monitoring and maintenance to ensure the highest possible value from your investment.

The PE/Q team has developed and installed more than 50 megawatts of commercial, industrial, and government solar systems across the country. Whether you are a company or government organization looking to integrate solar into your operating facilities, or a project developer looking for an experienced partner to help you complete your project, PE/Q Energy provides a full spectrum of high quality solar services spanning the entire system life.

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